Our friends at TwoBits Market in DTLA is hosting Auntie Em's for show and tell of the Produce Basket Delivery. Ask questions, checkout the produce and sign up.

Californians have the best growing conditions in the nation, mild weather in the valleys and wonderful soil. This is reflected in the kitchen at Auntie Em's, making from scratch, simple homemade food for her guests.

Auntie Em's Produce Delivery brings the farmers markets vegetables, fruits and eats to you. Choose the frequency of delivery: weekly, bi weekly or monthly with options for delicious add on items like eggs, bread or meatloaf. Prices start at $44 per delivery produce basket, consists of 11 to 13 fresh seasonal produce from California's small family organic farmers.

Come by TwoBits Market this weekend and chat it up or browse our page for info and sign up options.