Delivery FAQ

Our simple mission – to make access to local food easier. The restaurant uses quality produce from local growers and farmers market vendor. Buying only seasonal, local food brought with it a change in the way we were cooking and eating. We were discovering new vegetables, learning about different cheeses, using dried beans and, on a whole, cooking more from scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the produce organic?  Sustainable farming and local agriculture is the focus of this service.  The farms are a mix of certified organic and small backyard / urban growers from the LA farmers markets: Tutti Frutti Farms, Finley Organic Farms, South Central Organic Farms, McGrath Farms, K&K Farms, Underwood Family Farms, Weiser Farms, and Ken’s Produce. Farmers that have a deep passion for the land and food they raise.

What do I get each week?  There are two Basket sizes available for delivery; Small (13-15 items) and Large (15-20 items). A Small Basket can feed two omnivores or one vegetarian for one week, Large Basket is twice the amount designed to feed four persons. Baskets are seasonal, harvests change. The seasonal difference will be reflected in the Deliveries, as the harvest increases and diversifies. Example Summer produce: zucchinis, butternut squash, celery, Peaches, eggplants, tomatoes, citrus and raspberries. Fall / Winter: lettuce, peas, beets, daikons, cabbage, brussel sprouts, fennel, parsnips and broccoli.

How does it work?The program is a subscription service. Members can request a delivery schedule: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, credit card is only charged per delivery with an invoice emailed to you day before your scheduled delivery. Going on vacation or need a break? Contact us to hold the Basket by contacting the restaurant or email: contact[at] The no obligation delivery service can be cancelled anytime.

When are the Baskets delivered?  Subscriptions require minimum of 48 hours notice to make the Delivery schedules.  Current basket delivery schedule: North East LA, Glendale, Pasadena, Hollywood, Burbank-area.  Tuesday: Westside and DTLA.  Your produce comes in an insulated zippered “Basket” and like the old days of the milkman, just leave out the empty Basket to be exchanged for a full one!